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Fattoria Colle Sala lies to the Chiatri Puccini, a hamlet of Lucca, 10 Km west of Lucca’ s city, 12 Km from Versilia’s coast and close to the Apuan Alps.

The little village is famous to take in and had given inspiration at the artist Giacomo Puccini for his “Tosca”.

On a hilltop at altitude of 300 m s.l.m with a mild climate, the vine’s and olive’s culture thrives, because of the sea’s proximity, in an area characterized to quantity and intensity considerable of light and water.

In a fertile, rich, sandy soil, where the water flows at 30 m below the culture plane, are cultivated in the vineyards next to Sangiovese, species of vine as Syrah and Cabernet.

They are arrived in Lucca during Napoleonic era, and well integrated into the region, here had find a fertile soil; benefit by of windy stream from sea and mountains’ s fresh stream, that causing notable temperature range in summer time, determine very favourable circumstances foe the aroma and the grape’s maturation.

Fattoria Colle Sala’s vineyards are old between 10 and 40 years, with system high density of stump for hectare with low yield for hectare.

The vineyards’ s management follow the cultivation’s techniques with proportioned quantities at the grapes’ s yield, treatment with products at ambient effect and battle against harmful parasites.

In wine cellar is the respect of grapes’ s characteristics, optimising the grape-harvesting season, protecting from oxidations, effecting the mechanical soft removal of grape stalks, leaving the skin steep on musts into the period for the colour’ s cession and the skin’ s fragrances extraction, to control the temperature.

To observe the fruit’s characteristic are used delicate woods when the wine refine for a minimum period of 6 month.

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